Port Arthur Real Estate Information

Port Arthur is a relatively large coastal community found in the southeastern portion of the state of Texas. Port Arthur has a population of approximately fifty seven thousand eight hundred residents, making it the most populous city in the entirety of Jefferson County. Port Arthur is situated in the Beaumont-Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area, and is one of the major port cities of the Lone Star State. Port Arthur is often known by the nickname of Port Albert, and is located in the eastern portion of Jefferson County. Port Arthur covers a total area of approximately one hundred and forty four square miles, including almost sixty one square miles of standing surface water. This gives the city a population density of just under seven hundred people per square mile, meaning that the community is largely residential and suburban.

Like the rest of the Texan coast, the first European explorers to discover the region were Spanish adventurers and conquistadors, followed closely by missionaries and voyages commissioned by the French government. However, the region would remain largely unpopulated except for trading posts and military outposts until the middle of the nineteenth century, when Mexican and American settlers began to arrive in larger numbers. The community of Port Arthur was founded towards the end of the eighteen hundreds by Arthur Edward Stilwell in reaction to an economic boom based off of the petroleum industry. Port Arthur is also notable for being the birthplace of the “Clean Government Movement”, and for maintaining a much more diverse atmosphere than many other Texan communities.

The educational needs of Port Arthur are met by a number of local and regional institutions, both of the public and private varieties. The largest school conglomerate in Port Arthur is the Port Arthur Independent School District, although there are also a number of private and parochial schools in addition to the Lamar State College-Port Arthur and Galveston College. Regional attractions found near Port Arthur real estate and properties include the Port Arthur Little Theater, the Babe Zaharias Golf Course, the Texas Artists Museum, the Museum of the Gulf Coast, and Rose Hill Park.