Beaumont Real Estate Information

Beaumont is the largest community in Jefferson County, one of the most heavily populated counties in the southeastern portion of the state of Texas. Beaumont has a population of approximately one hundred thirteen thousand, nine hundred residents, and serves as the county seat of Jefferson County. Beaumont is considered a part of Beaumont-Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area, the two principal cities of which are also a part of the so-called Golden Triangle (the third point of the triangle is the city of Orange). Beaumont covers a total area of just less than eighty six square miles, including slightly less than a square mile of standing surface water. This gives Beaumont a total population density of slightly more than one thousand three hundred persons per square mile.

The first three groups to explore the area which is now considered Beaumont were Native Americans, the Spanish, and the French in that order. The French and Spanish did not establish permanent settlements in southeastern Texas, leaving the large scale population of Beaumont to American settlers. The first settlers in the region were Blaze Roberts and Kevin Boatner, who arrived in the region in the year eighteen thirty five. Beaumont was officially incorporated in the year eighteen thirty eight, and received its name from the deceased wife of Mr. Boatner. Beaumont played an important role in the logging and railroad industries, as well as in the American Civil War. Beaumont grew especially quickly immediately after the discovery of petroleum in the early years of the twentieth century.

Beaumont is currently governed by Mayor Becky Ames, as well as a six member city council. The educational needs of Beaumont are met by a number of public and private institutions, both in the city itself and in the larger region of Jefferson County. These schools include those of the Beaumont Independent School District, and the Diocese of Beaumont in addition to Lamar University and the Lamar Institute of Technology. Points of interest located near Beaumont real estate and properties include the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, the Beaumont Botanical Gardens, Edison Museum, the Fire Museum of Texas, the Clifton Steamboat Museum, and Temple Emanuel.