Bridge City Real Estate Information

Bridge City is a relatively small community situated in the southeastern section of the Lone Star State. Bridge City has a population of approximately eight thousand seven hundred residents, and is technically considered a city of the state of Texas. Bridge City is found along the Neches River and Cow Bayou, and is located within the Beaumont-Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area. Bridge City takes its name from the fact that in order to travel into Bridge City, it is necessary to cross a bridge. Bridge City is found in the southern portion of Orange County, and is relatively homogeneous in terms of both race and socioeconomics. Bridge City covers a total area of approximately five and a half square miles, including about a third of a square mile of water.

The original inhabitants of the area which is now considered Bridge City were of course Native Americans, who settled the region literally thousands of years before any European settlers arrive in the region. The first European explorers to discover the area were the Spanish, followed about a century and a half later by expeditions commissioned by the French government. Large scale settlement did not begin until the influence of the French and later Mexican governments began to wane towards the end of the nineteenth century. Bridge City was originally known as Prairie View, and was developmentally aided by the construction of the Port Arthur-Orange Bridge. Shortly after this, Bridge City became the unofficial name for the community, although it was not formalized until the city's official incorporation in the year nineteen seventy.

Notable residents of Bridge City throughout the years include National Football League players Matt Bryant, Jason Matthews, and Shane Dronett, as well as boxer Randall Cobb. Bridge City maintains its own school district, the Bridge City Independent School District, which provides most of the educational facilities in the Bridge City area. However, there are a number of private schools, colleges, and universities found in the nearby, slightly larger community of Orange. Points of interest located in and around Bridge City include the Queen Bee Arcade, the Paul Cormier Museum, Oak Leaf Park, the Stark Museum of Art, and the Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center.