Vidor Real Estate Information

Vidor is a medium sized community found in the southeastern portion of the Lone Star State. Vidor has a population of approximately eleven thousand four hundred residents, and is technically considered a city of the state of Texas. Vidor is found in the western section of Orange County, near the major city of Beaumont. Vidor is considered a part of the Beaumont-Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area, an understandable fact because Vidor's real estate and properties are primarily suburban in character. Vidor covers a total area of just over ten and a half square miles, although there are no significant bodies of water which comprise that total. This gives Vidor a population density of just under one thousand one hundred residents per square mile.

Like most suburban communities, the city of Vidor is somewhat ethnically and racially homogeneous, although it is considerably more affordable than the rest of Jefferson County. The area which is now considered Vidor was originally inhabited by Native Americans, who found and settled the region literally thousands of years before any other cultures. The first non-Native Americans to explore the region were the Spanish and the French in that order, although Americans established the next wave of settlements. Vidor takes its name from Charles Shelton Vidor of the Miller-Vidor Lumber Company, an appropriate name because the railway was extremely important to the development of the region. The most well known subdivision was constructed about twenty years later, in the year nineteen twenty nine.

The educational needs of Vidor are met primarily by the Vidor Independent School District, which holds the distinction of being the largest school district in the entirety of the nation. There are also a number of private schools, colleges, and universities in the nearby sections of Jefferson County, including Lamar University in nearby Beaumont. Notable residents of Vidor throughout the years include musicians Tracy Byrd, David Adam Moore, Clay Walker, and George Jones, as well as professional bowler David Ozio. Points of interest located in and around Vidor include the Riverwood Golf Club, a Swimming Park, Claiborne West Park, and Boomtown USA.