West Orange Real Estate Information

West Orange is a relatively small community found in the southeastern portion of the Lone Star State. West Orange has a population of approximately four thousand one hundred residents, although it is still technically considered a city of the state of Texas. West Orange is considered a part of the Beaumont-Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area, and is, unsurprisingly, located in Orange County. The city of West Orange covers a total area of slightly more than three square miles, almost all of which is land. Literally less than one percent of West Orange is standing surface water. West Orange has a slightly lower per capita income than the other communities of Orange County, which is one of the reasons why West Orange is somewhat more diverse.

The area which is now considered was uninhabited until Native Americans began to explore the region more than ten thousand years ago. Although a number of tribes traveled through and explored West Orange, the Atakapa Tribe was the one with the largest amount of influence on the area, because they made it one of their many settlements. During the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries, a number of explorers from France and Spain began to explore up and down the Gulf of Mexico, including what is now considered West Orange. Permanent settlement occurred towards the end of the nineteenth century, and planned suburbs began to spring up in the year nineteen two. The fastest period of growth occurred during the nineteen fifties, mostly due to the advent of the oil industry.

The city of West Orange is bisected by State Highway 87, a fact important to the educational divisions of the community. The section of the city to the west of the road are served by the Bridge City Independent School District, while portion of West Orange east of the Highway are a part of the West Orange-Cove Consolidated School District. There are also a number of nearby private schools, colleges, and universities. Attractions found near West Orange real estate and properties include the Stark Museum of Art, the Luthcer Theater, the Heritage History Museum, and the Shangri-La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center.